Grow your side hustle, one experiment at a time

All the tools to prepare, track, and analyse growth experiments.

Log your growth ideas

Prepare and launch experiments

Track your growth day to day

Analyse and learn from every experiment

Keep a growth playbook

Built with a focus on growth

We're building meedle as we speak. Join the journey.

We believe in open and feedback-driven development, and we practice what we preach. Follow the journey to know it all, good and bad.

The growth experiment tool we've always needed

meedle platform

Building and growing side hustles has been part of our lives since... forever. This is the tool we wish we've had years ago.

Meedle is flexible enough to make growth experiments work for you, yet opinionated enough to get you up and running quickly and easily. We think we've found the perfect balance with a beautiful design to boot.

Who are we?

Alex and Joe are enthusiast entrepreneurs. Together, we have built and brought several startups to success.

Avatar Alex Debecker

Alex Debecker


Avatar of Joe Dixon

Joe Dixon


Meedle is the platform Alex, growth marketer and metric-freak, always dreamed of. Joe, genius developer and side hustle lover, is crazy enough to build it.

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