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In 2020, two usability consultants set out to find what users really share on YouTube and where the trend is going. They found out that YouTube is more and more used for Compilations and ReStreams of already happened live streams. Most of the Videos contains scenes that are uninteresting and users want just to share the best scenes to their friends who don't want to watch a full, long video. They also found out that it is becoming more and more interesting to share short videos like memes as a link on social media and that a platform like Meedle is needed as a hosting hub.

In 2021 Meedle was born. We've taken years of experience in Video and Music production and conversion and created an easy platform to help people to share meaningful scenes and short videos on rising social media platforms.

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We’ve made a lot of user research and collected a lot of data to make our service available in the countries that are interested the most. In doing so, we are helping user experience designers, information architects and usability researchers, in 106 countries, and from some of the biggest organizations around the world, design ways to make the world a little easier to share and enjoy. Our tools continue to grow worldwide with users able to create scenes in over 80 different languages.

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